Protecting Sinners

My daughter and I lay down one day to take a nap while my then husband went out to cut firewood. We had a fire place in the living room, and a wood stove in the basement which kept the house cozy in the winter. Just to be safe, I always whispered a little prayer for him. I prayed for God to keep him safe and protect him from getting hurt. I prayed God would help him avoid the temptation to drink too much while he was out. My husband loved to drink.

When my husband got home I could tell he’d been drinking because he hadn’t yet eaten anything, and the alcohol’s effects were starting. We went out with friends that night. Afterward my husband dropped me off at home, and then returned to keep the party going.

In the middle of the night after the babysitter went home and my daughter and I were both in bed, my husband came in and sat on the bed. He said he messed up. The last time he said that, he told me he had a cigarette after a night of drinking. This night, though, he wrecked his pickup.

While he was speeding down the road, he turned to talk to a friend in the back seat. He took his eyes off the road and rolled his prized possession. Another friend busted the passenger side window with her head and the pickup was totaled. Still, all walked away with no injuries…major or minor!

I am so thankful God listens to prayer. I am so thankful he sends angels to guard and protect us, and I am so thankful he does all that despite the fact that we mess up, and are not worthy of his love or protection!

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