Pain Free!

I prayed:       My husband at the time and I went to San Diego one week for a work trip. Although I was breastfeeding our son, he stayed with my mom, and I pumped while on the trip. On our way home I pumped before we got to the airport, but from checking in until our layover in Phoenix, five hours had passed, and I was in a lot of pain. I tried to pump in Phoenix, but the pump broke! We had about five more hours until we got home, and I could nurse. I prayed God would remove the pain and keep it away.

He Answered:         After the four hour flight, we discovered our car battery was dead! We had to wait for a pickup to come jump start the car. Then we had to stop for food because I was starving! We left San Diego at 7:00 am PT and got home, and able to nurse at 3:00 CT! God did remove the pain and I did not leak through my shirt! Also, I did not drown my son when he finally nursed! God is a good Father, and I am so thankful!

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