A few years ago I got a rude awakening. I learned first hand going to church on Sunday mornings was not enough to keep depression away. Following the traditions of a religion was not enough to prevent suicidal thoughts, and being a “good girl” was not enough to make me want to stay and work on an unhealthy marriage.

When I finally gave up, God got through to me…or maybe I finally started listening. At the advice of one of my farmers (who you’ll read about later) I began writing down prayers to God, so I could remember them and watch to see if he really answers. After a while I began writing more than just answers because I thought: 1. I do NOT want to forget what is happening, and 2. nobody will believe me if I tell them!

For over ten years now I have been writing. In the fall of 2019, I wrote my first book, The Best Discovery, published in the spring of 2020. This book is the true story of how I answered a difficult question my son asked me. After my ex husband left us, my son asked why his dad didn’t want him anymore. As I cried out to God in my prayer journal, I heard him tell me “Your children are not the only ones who want the love of a Father.”

At the Lord’s leading, I published our story. God has used my education and experience in sales to help me market and sell this first book. More importantly, God has used the sales of the book to teach me how to share my testimony, and to open doors for me to listen to and pray for people seeking him.

“But Lord,” I awoke one day, “I have TWO children! One cannot be left out. She needs a story, too!” That was the beginning of book number two, which should be out sometime this fall, 2021. Through this whole process I have been praying that these stories would point the readers to God, not to me. I have prayed that my Lord, Jesus, would be glorified, and that he would bring more children into his family. I prayed, “Lord, if this is truly from you, keep it going because there is so much in your Word we need to know!” Well, God answered again! He downloaded into my brain the story for book number three as well. If it is truly his will, I will be writing that one this winter.

I hope you buy the books. I believe the Lord wants to use these to get little pieces of Scripture into our beloved children. I believe God wants the children to be able to read the story and when they are done, know what the verses mean, and how to apply them. I hope you enjoy the books. Most importantly, though, I hope you read the blog. May it teach you God really is the same yesterday, today, and forever (Hebrews 13:8). May you learn how truly capable he is of taking care of us, how much he genuinely loves us, and how alive Jesus is today. Nobody has loved me like Jesus, and I can’t wait to tell you about him!

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