The books I am writing are true stories from my family. Now, my children are not cartoon animals; however, the conversations we have shared and the lessons we have learned are real. I hope you enjoy reading them as much as I’ve enjoyed writing them!

My friend illustrated the books, and I chose to hire her for three reasons: 1. I love her artwork, 2. I wanted the money invested to go to someone local who really needed it, and 3. with these books I want the readers to know if two unknown women from a small Nebraska town can do this, they can, too!

We started the books with colorless images, and slowly added color until, at the end, the images are in full color. This was done to portray the beauty and clarity that comes with knowing God, and using his Word as an instruction manual for our lives.

You can purchase these books online or at any of your favorite bookstores! You may also contact me directly to purchase books.

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It’s finally here! Book number three is published, and it may be the best one yet! Check it out to see Shelly’s beautiful artwork. Learn how our Lord really sees you, and what he made you for!

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