Wrestling, Part 2

If you read my previous post, Wrestling Part 1, you'll understand why I am listing these Bible verses and quotes. All quotes are taken from the Dr. David Jeremiah Study Bible, NIV. If you haven't read the previous post then know this: Scripture says to test the spirits so when we receive a message we... Continue Reading →

I’ll Start

As I think about grieving over my sins, I mean really being sorrowful about them, there is one that continues to haunt me. Every time I think about it I shudder, and cover my face in shame and embarrassment. I have to be careful, though. The devil doesn't want me to remember I'm forgiven. He... Continue Reading →

The Wailing Women

We may not always see eye to eye, but I love my family…all of them. I look forward to their social media posts to see what the kids have been up to. I can’t wait for the holidays so I can hug them, and hear the latest drama. My sisters and brother are beautiful (and... Continue Reading →

Protecting Sinners

My daughter and I lay down one day to take a nap while my then husband went out to cut firewood. We had a fire place in the living room, and a wood stove in the basement which kept the house cozy in the winter. Just to be safe, I always whispered a little prayer... Continue Reading →

Choices Have Consequences

I prayed:       God help me. I feel so lost. I believe in you, but I have been too busy to pray. I know you listen to those who believe in you and have faith in you. I know you are patient and all-knowing and understanding, so please hear my prayer. Speak to me today, Father.... Continue Reading →

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