Choices Have Consequences

I prayed:       God help me. I feel so lost. I believe in you, but I have been too busy to pray. I know you listen to those who believe in you and have faith in you. I know you are patient and all-knowing and understanding, so please hear my prayer. Speak to me today, Father. Let me know you are with me. Guide me “for if you remain silent I will be like those who go down to the depths” (Psalm 28:1).

He Answered:         While struggling with a friend’s death, my divorce, and not having prayed in a while; I went to church feeling okay, but not great. During the music, the worship leader stopped, and said she felt someone in church was burdened with a problem they needed to give to God. I couldn’t hold tears back.

Then, Pastor’s sermon was about sexual impurity, which I knew I was guilty of. I was sleeping with my boyfriend at the time. I felt like I was in a dark room with a spotlight on me.

Pastor asked if anyone wanted to come up front to be prayed for. I went forward. As they prayed over me, I felt a shower of peace wash over me. I knew deep inside, without doubt, that God heard my prayer.

God told me through the sermon He had drawn away from me because I was knowingly doing something that was wrong, and continuing to do it. God helped me know deep inside He loved me no matter what, and He would not be far from me if I just obey Him.

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