When I was growing up I thought of God as a large cosmic man on a glowing throne looking down on us. I don't know how I came up with this idea, but I always imagined him watching me and saying, "I saw that! I saw that, too!" Because of this preconceived notion, I didn't... Continue Reading →

A Hard Lesson

A friend of mine wanted to try a new church. I told her I’d go with her for support and to help her feel more comfortable. When we got there everyone greeted us warmly, and I said hello to several acquaintances who attended church there. We sat down to pray and then stood to sing... Continue Reading →

My 1st Persecution

My family was Roman Catholic. I was very proud of the structure and the tradition of the religion I grew up in. So when I left my first husband, I was very upset because I knew I would not be able to participate in the services as I once had. Still, my ex husband insisted... Continue Reading →


Depression is real, and unpleasant. It is a slippery slope where you don’t feel like being around people, but isolation makes it worse. I asked a couple of the ladies at church to pray for me because I was suffering from depression. Winter was colder than it had been in many years, my husband at... Continue Reading →

I Need Help Now!

For about two years I had been praying to receive the Baptism in the Holy Spirit. My church family prayed for me to receive it, and I had been studying the Holy Spirit in the Scriptures. I wanted His power in order to be what God wanted me to be, and to be able to... Continue Reading →


Look how many brothers and sisters I have in the picture above, and that's not all of them! No, Mom was not extremely busy in her younger years, LOL! In the Bible our heavenly Father says, So in Christ Jesus you are all children of God by believing in Christ. Galatians 3:26 and in 2... Continue Reading →

Divine Physician

A friend was working cattle with his family when his four year old boy got bashed in between a fence and a gate by a cow. The impact crushed the boy’s skull, and caused internal bleeding and pressure on his brain. My daughter and I, along with our church congregation all prayed diligently for the... Continue Reading →

He Answers

I prayed:       God thank you for answering my prayers and bringing me back to you. Thanks most importantly for being patient with me! As I’m trying to learn how to be the woman you want and made me to be, I know I need to pray not only for myself, but for my boyfriend,... Continue Reading →


I prayed:       God, Pastor asked me to lead Bible study tonight, but you know I haven’t prayed in a while. I haven’t even read the Bible in weeks. I am not qualified to lead a Bible study right now. I am human. I will mess up your message, but you can do anything. So please,... Continue Reading →

Choices Have Consequences

I prayed:       God help me. I feel so lost. I believe in you, but I have been too busy to pray. I know you listen to those who believe in you and have faith in you. I know you are patient and all-knowing and understanding, so please hear my prayer. Speak to me today, Father.... Continue Reading →

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