Cartoon Drawings

They were mine, but that's how I knew this was a dream from my Lord. I cannot sketch or paint well. I've never taken classes, so my artistic masterpieces consist of stick figures and arrows on Pictionary paper. Let me tell you my dream. Then the significance of these cartoon drawings will be clear. One... Continue Reading →

A Prayer

Somehow, some way, we've all felt it. We've experienced it, either directly or indirectly. We have used and successfully walked away, or we are still using. Some of us can control the substances in our lives, many of us cannot. Many have recognized their struggle and have addressed it, many more have not. Still, we... Continue Reading →

Right Answer, Wrong Prayer

When I was in college I took a beginning photography class. I had always loved photography, and even did some freelance work for friends and family. I remember working in a 24-hour photo developing store at a local shopping mall. I am not old by any means, but I remember mixing chemicals in order to... Continue Reading →


As I looked through photographs and artwork trying to find the most appropriate image for the subject of my blog post, I found the one above and I couldn't scroll past it. I do realize the irony of writing an electronic blog post about bondage while showing an image of a man bound to his... Continue Reading →

prayer And PRAYER

A few years ago a friend of mine got into a terrible car accident. Her neck was injured severely. Now there is prayer, which Christians are taught to do both in and out of church. Then, there is PRAYER. The difference between prayer and PRAYER is how desperately you want God to answer you. I... Continue Reading →

Blast From The Past

When I was in high school I loved to write! Many of my scribblings were lost through the years, but a few of my favorites I held onto. As so often happens, life got busy and my writing notebook got stowed away with pictures and certificates and newspaper clippings. Recently I rediscovered this poem I... Continue Reading →

Smelt, Not Smite

A while back God woke me up in the middle of the night. He told me to pray for my sister. I felt no fear or anxiety for her, just a very clear understanding to pray for her. There was even a slight urgency to his request. I remembered the sensation I felt from my... Continue Reading →

El Salar de Uyuni

The Uyuni salt flat. Photographs of this geographic wonder are the closest I can get to portraying what I saw in a vision. Someday I'd like to go there, but I don't think it will be nearly as spectacular as the vision I was given. A sermon I'd heard once explained the gift of praying... Continue Reading →


Have you heard him? Did you know he talks? I believed God answered prayers, but I never really thought about how. I never thought about what an answer might look like. Would it be a visible sign, something I heard, something I felt? In my young years of going to church and CCD I was... Continue Reading →

A Leprechaun in March

Jesus cares. God cares; they care about everything. As I look back I am surprised how little and unimportant some of my prayers were, but my Lord still cared and answered. He loves us that much. God loves us so much that what is important to us is important to him. Even if it means... Continue Reading →

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