Blast From The Past

When I was in high school I loved to write! Many of my scribblings were lost through the years, but a few of my favorites I held onto. As so often happens, life got busy and my writing notebook got stowed away with pictures and certificates and newspaper clippings. Recently I rediscovered this poem I wrote. Now, keep in mind I was a much younger and less experienced writer. Still, I have a fondness for this one. I find it interesting that even before I knew my Lord personally, he placed inside of me an understanding of who he is. I hope you enjoy it, but most importantly I hope you take it personally.

A great man walked upon the earth,

A fool they made him seem.

The people laughed and jeered at him,

They all were cruel and mean.

He said, “My Father loves you all,

He’ll free you from your sins.

He’ll embrace you all on Judgment Day,

You’ll come and live with him.”

“You are just a carpenter,

Your words mean zip to me.

Go tell it to the mountains,” they laughed.

“Go walk upon the sea!”

The man was very lonely,

Hope seemed lost many days.

When things could not have gotten worse,

In the desert he went to pray.

The people, they were not convinced,

They would not lend an ear.

No matter what the young man said,

The people would not hear.

The people got fed up with him,

And most did not know why,

But they deemed the man a criminal,

And he was doomed to die.

The man received a great reward,

For his undying love.

His soul had entered Heaven’s gates,

With his Father up above.

Now he lives in happiness,

And we still live in sin.

He promised us the same reward,

If we would follow him.

And as he said the day will come,

To part the good from bad.

There will be those who paid him heed,

And those who wish they had.

Dust off your Bible, say your prayers,

Be faithful, kind, and true.

Serve the needy, and rest assured,

This reward will come to you!


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