Cartoon Drawings

They were mine, but that's how I knew this was a dream from my Lord. I cannot sketch or paint well. I've never taken classes, so my artistic masterpieces consist of stick figures and arrows on Pictionary paper. Let me tell you my dream. Then the significance of these cartoon drawings will be clear. One... Continue Reading →

Strength In Numbers

What once discouraged me now excites me! Conversations that were once a stumbling block for me, have now become an exciting opportunity. I was raised in a very legalistic denomination. I had friends that were from other denominations, but when I asked questions about what they believed and why, I became confused. Many of them... Continue Reading →

Wind Chimes

At times, my children have asked how I know our heavenly Father has spoken to me. They've asked me how he has given messages. Our Lord has expressed himself through a timely song on a radio, or through a comment someone made that I knew deep inside of my spirit was from him. Often when... Continue Reading →

Wrestling, Part 2

If you read my previous post, Wrestling Part 1, you'll understand why I am listing these Bible verses and quotes. All quotes are taken from the Dr. David Jeremiah Study Bible, NIV. If you haven't read the previous post then know this: Scripture says to test the spirits so when we receive a message we... Continue Reading →

Oh Deer!

The picture above this post is beautiful! I wish I had taken it, but the few pictures I took were much closer! I mentioned in previous posts that I worked as an agronomist for several years. One would expect to see wildlife in that line of work. In 2020 however, I often saw at least... Continue Reading →

Blast From The Past

When I was in high school I loved to write! Many of my scribblings were lost through the years, but a few of my favorites I held onto. As so often happens, life got busy and my writing notebook got stowed away with pictures and certificates and newspaper clippings. Recently I rediscovered this poem I... Continue Reading →

You Have Authority

Two well known, mighty men of God had only been to Nebraska one time. So when they felt led by the Lord to come speak again, Mom told my girlfriends and me right away. One of my friends and I made a quick decision. We both instantly felt we HAD to attend. As soon as... Continue Reading →

You Matter

One of my favorite Bible verses is Ecclesiastes 4:12, which says, A person standing alone can be attacked and defeated, but two can stand back-to-back and conquer. Three are even better, for a triple-braided cord is not easily broken. I am part of a triple-braided cord with a couple of my girlfriends. A few years ago we met almost... Continue Reading →


Growing up I was taught how to pray. I was encouraged to pray. We prayed before meals, before bedtime, before church, before funerals. There were prayers for confession, prayers for protection, prayers to saints, and prayers for seasons. I had my own little book of prayers I could read in case I couldn't come up... Continue Reading →

Victory Verses, Part 1

You should know this is not an exhaustive list. One of the qualities I love about the Bible is that it's a fluid book. I love books! However, I have never read one like the Bible. I call it fluid because it is the only book I've read that can give me a different message... Continue Reading →

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