You Have Authority

Two well known, mighty men of God had only been to Nebraska one time. So when they felt led by the Lord to come speak again, Mom told my girlfriends and me right away. One of my friends and I made a quick decision. We both instantly felt we HAD to attend. As soon as... Continue Reading →

Where Are Your Eyes?

When I was first learning how to ride a horse, the instructor kept telling me to keep my eyes up. She'd call out, telling me to keep my eyes forward, keep them up, look in the direction I wanted the horse to go. This didn't make any sense to me. I thought the reins were... Continue Reading →

Fourth and Best?

This may seem like a long list of what I call victory verses. However, after reading this list is there any question about God's will for your life? He wants you to have victory! Granted, there are some conditions to having that victory, like living rightly and obeying him. Still, what parent rejoices when their... Continue Reading →

Victory Verses, Part 3

The book of Psalms in the Bible is a collection of emotions from those who came before us. There are expressions of anger, praise, and heartbreak woven into the lines of beautiful poems. As you read through the book you'll see we are not very different from the men and women told about in the... Continue Reading →

Victory Verses, Part 2

In the context of the books they came from, yes, these verses were meant for God's chosen people, the Israelites. However, his word says when we choose to follow Jesus, God adopts us as sons and daughters (Galatians 4:4-7). Therefore, in surrendering to Jesus as Lord and Savior, we become God's chosen people. Thus, these... Continue Reading →

Victory Verses, Part 1

You should know this is not an exhaustive list. One of the qualities I love about the Bible is that it's a fluid book. I love books! However, I have never read one like the Bible. I call it fluid because it is the only book I've read that can give me a different message... Continue Reading →

Speak It To See It

Many times growing up I heard the challenge, "Oh yeah? Prove it!" Society has taught us not to believe anything until we see concrete evidence supporting that belief. However, our Lord says in Isaiah 55:7-9, his ways and thoughts are higher than our own. God wants us to believe first, then we will see it.... Continue Reading →

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