One Step Ahead

Surprises are fun! Well, at least they are when I don’t know about them! If I know about them, then they drive me nuts. My overactive brain tries to measure and reason constantly until I can figure out the surprise, which I never do. I love to give surprises, too, but I honestly have a hard time keeping a secret when it’s something that will make someone happy. Regardless of whether I’m giving or getting the surprise, I am never one to be a step ahead. My heavenly Father, though, is always one step ahead of me, and I am grateful he is!

Upon doing my taxes one year I discovered I was going to get a larger return than I expected. I remember my pastor’s wife saying God had often provided them with excess finances right before a major financial need. Considering her words, I put some of the money in a savings account so I could treat my children with it. I gave 10% of it to my local church to thank God, and remind myself who it really belongs to. In all honesty, God made me intelligent. He can take it away. The Lord gave me the ability to work hard. He can take it away. My Father landed me a great job, but he can also take it away. God goes so far as to say in the Bible if we withhold from him the tenth of our blessings he asks for, we are actually robbing him of what is rightfully his (Malachi 3:8-10). Finally, I asked my Lord what He wanted done with the rest. He answered that question not long after.

After fixing two pipes that froze and burst the previous winter, my ex-husband turned on the water to my upstairs bathroom. My house is very old, and the plumbing is on the north side of the house. Plus, it’s not well insulated. We quickly discovered I had at least four major leaks! Home insurance covered some of the plumbing and carpentry repairs. Still, what the Lord provided through my healthy tax return took care of the rest! I also had enough to pay off my debt!! The Lord provided even before I knew I had a need!

Your people settled in [the wilderness], and from your bounty, God, you provided for the poor. Psalm 68:10

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