Have you ever seen someone at the park trying to play a sport, but they were playing so badly you wanted to save their reputation by stopping them? Or have you ever seen anyone dancing, and you couldn’t help but think they just shouldn’t? You know, someone so comically bad at something you didn’t want to laugh, but you couldn’t help it. That’s how I had come to view my social life. My girlfriends and I would laugh until our sides hurt!

As I healed, it became very clear to me God had been the perfect husband all along…I just didn’t realize it. He was patient with me no matter how many times I wanted to do things my way. He was kind to me even when I rejected him or blamed him. I never felt like God pointed his finger at me or said,

I told you so.

In 1 Corinthians 13:4-7, Scripture describes God’s definition of love, how he intended a marriage to be. I didn’t know what that looked like, so my heavenly Father showed me by example. I told Him one day,

Lord, if you are asking me to be single the rest of my life, and to be only yours I’ll gladly obey. I trust you, Lord. I love you immensely. I just miss dancing.

Not long after this, a colleague called me. He asked if I would like to go out for the evening. I told him I’d like to get out of the house, but as friends only. I wasn’t ready to date yet. We had supper at Bootleg Brewery in Taylor, NE. I highly recommend visiting there! A band was playing that night and after we ate we did some dancing. A couple of days later I realized what happened: the Lord heard me! He cared, and he provided a way for me to go dancing! When I told Mom this she smiled. Mom said the Lord had given her visions of dancing with him. He loves to dance, she told me.

Dancing is pure praise to our God, as his holy word tells us in Psalm 149:3. Like the joy of a parent watching children on Christmas morning, is the pleasure our heavenly Father receives from watching us dance happily. Oh how he loves us!

To him who loves us and has freed us from our sins by his blood…to him be glory and power for ever and ever! Amen. Revelation 1:5-6

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