Don’t Fear the Drought

Yes, there was a season of spiritual drought I took you through. I walked alongside of you. Without the drought, you couldn’t understand or appreciate the significance of the spiritual abundance that is coming. A drink of water doesn’t mean as much in a rain forest as it does in a desert. - Your loving... Continue Reading →

In His Hands

As a child I learned the song "He's Got the Whole World in His Hands". The song was fun to sing, easy to remember, and made me feel better about God watching over me. Too often, though, I understand God in my head, but not completely in my heart. Not completely, that is, until something... Continue Reading →

A Small Catamaran

In high school I took two Spanish classes. I cannot say I learned to speak Spanish. I did, however, learn my teacher liked chocolate covered ants and she accidentally killed a baby bunny by warming it in the microwave after she found it in the snow one winter. I cannot meet a person in Mexico... Continue Reading →

Where Are Your Eyes?

When I was first learning how to ride a horse, the instructor kept telling me to keep my eyes up. She'd call out, telling me to keep my eyes forward, keep them up, look in the direction I wanted the horse to go. This didn't make any sense to me. I thought the reins were... Continue Reading →

The Crashing Dream

God granted me another dream a few months after the pickup dream. My daughter, my son, and I were in a four door car driving on a two lane highway up a mountain. There was no shoulder on the highway, and the road was very steep and surprisingly straight. There was no snow on the... Continue Reading →

One Step Ahead

Surprises are fun! Well, at least they are when I don't know about them! If I know about them, then they drive me nuts. My overactive brain tries to measure and reason constantly until I can figure out the surprise, which I never do. I love to give surprises, too, but I honestly have a... Continue Reading →

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