One Step Ahead

Surprises are fun! Well, at least they are when I don't know about them! If I know about them, then they drive me nuts. My overactive brain tries to measure and reason constantly until I can figure out the surprise, which I never do. I love to give surprises, too, but I honestly have a... Continue Reading →


There is hardly any better place in the summer than the pool...unless it's the lake, river, or ocean! So after my second husband left us, I thought a nice day at the pool would be great therapy for my son and me. Until I saw my husband's mistress there. She was beautiful in her exotic... Continue Reading →

He Knows All

My husband at the time came home one day and proudly told me he licensed our new camper, but he didn’t tell the courthouse the actual purchase price so we wouldn’t have to pay the full amount for taxes. I was extremely disappointed and angry! Many people think Christians are hypocrites because we don’t practice... Continue Reading →

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