There is hardly any better place in the summer than the pool…unless it’s the lake, river, or ocean! So after my second husband left us, I thought a nice day at the pool would be great therapy for my son and me. Until I saw my husband’s mistress there. She was beautiful in her exotic swimsuit and bronzed, oiled skin. I felt like a frumpy, white, nobody with a body like a duffle bag. It was okay, though because we were at the pool. Everybody was wet, so nobody could see my tears slip under my sunglasses.

When we left, I called my mom to cry on her shoulder. While we were visiting, my son put two pennies in the vehicle cigarette lighter. Right away I got them out, and told my son that was dangerous and not to do that. Seconds later, smoke started seeping from between the dashboard cracks.

Since the vehicle was older, GM stopped making the wiring harness needed to replace the one the pennies destroyed. Insurance would not help pay for repairs unless new parts were used. So, my Tahoe was totaled out over two cents!!

We needed a new vehicle, and I didn’t have any money. My daughter prayed God would provide a vehicle we could bring a Christmas tree home in. I prayed it would be affordable and reliable. My son prayed it would be cool.

He Answered:

The local repair shop gave me a significant discount on my bill! They gave me more than a fair price for the Tahoe, and had a Trailblazer on the lot for sale. It was inexpensive, reliable, could bring a Christmas tree home, and had a sunroof that my son thought was cool! Our Father in heaven still sees, he still cares, and he still answers!

But you yourself have seen trouble and grief; observing it in order to take the matter into your hands. The helpless one entrusts himself to you; you are a helper of the fatherless.

Psalm 10:14, CSB.

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