The Woman at the Well

When my world came crashing down, and I had to give up my pride to the realization that I would soon have two ex-husbands, I was absolutely convinced my social life, and any future fun or friendship, was completely over. I was now the woman no decent person at church would want in their circle of friends. I was the woman no drinking or partying group would want because I went to church, and did not participate in sexual promiscuity. I had become the woman at the well in the book of John chapter 4.

Still, God saw me. He hurt with me. He comforted me by motivating three women to send me flowers at three different times this spring. Their only reason was to show me love and encouragement! Thank you, Lord, for seeing me and caring about my emotions!

One of the times this spring when I was particularly grief stricken, I surprised myself and said “I have GOT to get a grip!” Then I asked the Lord if I was going crazy.

He Answered:

The sadness you are feeling, the grief you’re experiencing is how I feel for these little girls of mine who are also involved in your story. They were not born wanting to use people for sex or be used for sex. They were not born angry, mean, or with a desire to be unfaithful. They were my precious little girls. Somewhere along the line they were heartbroken.

They had their view of love and relationships terribly distorted. You have too. You and my other little girls are just the same. You have all been hurt, and are looking for love. However, you are searching for it the right way, and my other little girls are not. You are healing and growing because you have found the one who loves you. They do not yet know how much I love them just because of who they are. They do not yet know how truly precious they are to me. The grief you feel is the grief and longing I feel for all my lost and hurting little girls.

The Lord finished by telling me that if I will let him, he wants to use my story. He wants my community to know what has happened, watch my responses, and talk about it. He asked me to do nothing but to live for him, stay close to him and let my small town do what small towns do best: watch me and talk about it.

Since he showed me all this, women have reached out to me. They have shared their stories with me, and asked me about mine. One of them began coming to a group with me on a regular basis. In addition, one of my sisters recently told me she doesn’t know what I have, but she wants it! I am so thankful our hurting is not in vain, but God can help others, comfort others, and make something beautiful come out of it. For me, this makes the pain a little more bearable!

And we know that for those who love God all things work together for good, for those who are called according to his purpose. Romans 8:28

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