He Answers

I prayed:       God thank you for answering my prayers and bringing me back to you. Thanks most importantly for being patient with me! As I’m trying to learn how to be the woman you want and made me to be, I know I need to pray not only for myself, but for my boyfriend, too. He’s a good man. Please, Daddy, allow him to open his heart and mind to you. Help him to realize the need for you in his life. Please bless him. Protect him from evil, negative thoughts and dear Holy Spirit, pave the way for him today.

He Answered:         My boyfriend at the time started trucking for a grower who was picking corn. The crew was working from early morning to late at night, seven days of the week to get done with harvest.

However, the grower’s combine broke down one Saturday night, and the service men would not be able to fix it until Monday morning. The combine broke down two hours before the grower would have normally quit. So, I was able to spend time with my boyfriend Saturday night.

The next morning as I was making coffee, it hit me. The combine broke down…on Saturday night! I started laughing to myself, and knew God had answered my prayer yet again. My boyfriend had his day of rest…on the Lord’s Day, and was able to go to church with me!

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