Strength In Numbers

What once discouraged me now excites me! Conversations that were once a stumbling block for me, have now become an exciting opportunity. I was raised in a very legalistic denomination. I had friends that were from other denominations, but when I asked questions about what they believed and why, I became confused. Many of them... Continue Reading →

Wind Chimes

At times, my children have asked how I know our heavenly Father has spoken to me. They've asked me how he has given messages. Our Lord has expressed himself through a timely song on a radio, or through a comment someone made that I knew deep inside of my spirit was from him. Often when... Continue Reading →

Isn’t That Faith?

Now faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen. Hebrews 11:1, KJV The afternoon sun was high in the sky, making the air hot and sticky. There was a grove of trees on the west side of the field, and they were just tall enough to give me some... Continue Reading →

He Was Ready, Nobody There

There has been quite a bit of time since my last blog post. For this one, I had to make absolutely sure I had the Lord's permission to share it. I believe he gave me his approval because God wants to comfort his people regarding their loved ones who are nearing death. When I experienced... Continue Reading →

Come out!

As an agronomist, I spent many summers in corn fields. One day the Lord showed me life is much like being in a corn field. One can look up, see the sky, and hear the wind of the Holy Spirit, but cannot feel him. One can only get a small breath every now and then.... Continue Reading →

A Small Catamaran

In high school I took two Spanish classes. I cannot say I learned to speak Spanish. I did, however, learn my teacher liked chocolate covered ants and she accidentally killed a baby bunny by warming it in the microwave after she found it in the snow one winter. I cannot meet a person in Mexico... Continue Reading →

Pickup in the Stream Dream

I was driving a regular cab pickup on a gray overcast day. The gravel roads were muddy and slick and a light dusting of snow covered the ditches and fields. My son was between eight and twelve months old, and was in a front facing car seat in the middle of the cab. A gentleman... Continue Reading →

Not Me

If I have come across in this blog as though I am promoting myself, please forgive me. If this blog sounds like I am a Bible scholar, please excuse my error. I have never been to Bible college. If you receive anything inspiring or encouraging from my posts, it's the Holy Spirit. If you have... Continue Reading →

Holding Me Up

This blog isn't about the trials in my life; it isn't even about me. What our heavenly Father has done for me, and in me, during the hard times has left this part of my life like a treasure trove of priceless gems. I once joked with my friends that the learning curve God had... Continue Reading →

Catching Fire

In the book of Acts Jesus tells the disciples to wait until they receive power from on high (Acts 1:4). They obeyed, not sure what they were waiting for, or what it would look like. A while later they heard a sound like a mighty wind, and saw what looked like tongues of fire on... Continue Reading →

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