A Prayer

Somehow, some way, we've all felt it. We've experienced it, either directly or indirectly. We have used and successfully walked away, or we are still using. Some of us can control the substances in our lives, many of us cannot. Many have recognized their struggle and have addressed it, many more have not. Still, we... Continue Reading →

Ketchup and Mud

I worked as an agronomist. That meant I walked corn and soybean fields in the growing season, and delivered weekly reports to farmers regarding when to water, fertilize, and otherwise manage their crop production. Being an agronomist also meant I was covered in mud, dirt, pollen, and bugs for most of the year. One day... Continue Reading →

Sharing is Healing

In my family we were taught at a young age to keep some things private. There were times we'd be driving somewhere with dad growling at us kids. Then, when he pulled into the parking spot he'd command us, Okay now, everybody put a smile on your face and look happy. Don't get me wrong,... Continue Reading →

Removing Toxins

At one point in time I was praying to Lord. I was healing from sexual abuse, my marriage was a struggle, our finances were a challenge, and my alone time with the Lord was the only peace and serenity I had. I cherished that time with him. I looked forward to it every day. So... Continue Reading →

Nothing Shameful!

A while back I saw a Christian counselor because I had a lot of unresolved anger, bitterness, and hurt stored up. I learned how to recognize shame messages, choose to forgive, give God my issues without holding onto them, and focus on the positive things in my life. However, there was still one area of... Continue Reading →

Cannot Hide

As an agronomist for over fifteen years, I commonly visited with men alone. Often times I would stop by a ranch or farm, and the farmer or hired man would be the only one around. I took each situation professionally and responsibly, being careful to not create any opportunity for doubt or suspicion by their... Continue Reading →


The first seeds of faith were planted when I dated a guy from a blended family.  I do not remember them saying anything in particular, but they loved all people and got along really well. One night I saw his mom reading the Bible while his dad cooked supper. I thought “How can anybody read... Continue Reading →

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