I pray for my children; not every day, but quite often. I pray for our Lord to forgive them if they have sinned. I pray he blesses them, protects them, and is with them always. When I pray for my children I acknowledge they are actually God’s children, and I thank him for choosing me to raise them. I pray God grants them their own personal experiences with him so my daughter and son can know how real and how loving God is. In fact, we are commanded to pray for each other in James 5:16. I love my children, so I pray for them.

One Saturday my children were spending a day at their grandparent’s house while I worked. They were having fun lying on their sides, and rolling down the large grassy hill. However, my son rolled too far and actually fell off the edge of their yard and into the canyon. Fortunately, he only fell about ten feet before he was stopped by a cedar tree and his cousin’s timely catch. My son only had a few minor scratches, praise God!

Another time I got off of work, and went to my former in-law’s house to have supper and pick up my children. When I got there, I heard another harrowing tale of God’s divine protection of my children. Grandpa dug a pit with his skid steer. The pit was about six feet deep, six feet wide and twenty feet long. In one side of the pit he placed a homemade chicken coop. The other side of the pit was a chicken wire door to get in. The pit was below ground so the roof, flush with the soil surface, was only chicken wire. Well, Grandpa and both of my children were on the 4-wheeler. In trying to get turned around, my son’s leg got stuck on the throttle. When he tried to fix the problem, my son straightened his leg, which pushed the throttle faster. Trying to avoid the chicken wire “roof”, Grandpa turned too sharp and flipped the ATV! The 4-wheeler, upside down with all three people under it, fell through the chicken wire roof!! By the grace of God, this happened directly above the large plastic water tank. The water tank caught the ATV and prevented it from falling completely, and crushing my son. Grandpa had to lift the front of the 4-wheeler to release my son, whose leg was pinned underneath. The only injury among the three of them was a small red irritated scratch on my son’s chest.

God promised in his Word to us that he would never leave us, and he would protect us (Isaiah 43:1-4). I cannot overestimate how grateful I am for God’s promises. My children and I prayed and thanked our Lord last night. After prayers, my son reminded us a family that prays together, stays together! How right he is!

But the Lord is faithful, and he will strengthen you and protect you from the evil one.

2 Thessalonians 3:3

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