He Has Humor!

Our land had been very dry one spring because we received very little moisture the previous winter. Also, my husband at the time was very busy at work. He worked in agriculture, so no rain meant no days off. My daughter and I began praying.

We prayed: God, we need moisture! Please send moisture to our land so the farmers can have a break from irrigating and dad can have a day of rest.

That night it rained in the eastern part of our state. We laughed and prayed again:  God WE need your mercy and moisture! Please send moisture for our county.

We got three inches of snow in the morning, and by supper time the weather was sunny and fifty degrees. We laughed harder and prayed again:  Okay, Lord, we’re having a few communication problems here! We need one inch of nice slow soaking RAIN right here in our own community.

When the alarm went off on a Monday morning, the DJ said the nice slow rain we got during the weekend gave us one inch of rain exactly. My daughter and I both smiled knowingly to each other!

This reminds me of a parable Jesus told in Luke chapter 18. He told stories so people could understand the lesson completely by the time the story was over. In the parable Jesus tells of a woman who kept asking a judge to grant her justice against her adversary. The judge ignored her the first few times, but because she didn’t give up, it drove him nuts and he granted her request. Jesus tells the crowd God will do the same for his followers who cry out to him persistently.

In my experience, I think God wants to see how serious I am. Do I really want this prayer answered, or is it a passing fancy? He loves to be pursued just like a young woman does with her new boyfriend. There is definitely a lot of sincere requests in my prayers lately. I won’t give up. Will you?

Rejoice in hope; be patient in affliction; be persistent in prayer. Romans 12:12 CSB

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