Pickup in the Stream Dream

I was driving a regular cab pickup on a gray overcast day. The gravel roads were muddy and slick and a light dusting of snow covered the ditches and fields. My son was between eight and twelve months old, and was in a front facing car seat in the middle of the cab. A gentleman older than me was in the passenger seat. Although he was familiar to me, I did not see his face, and cannot recall now who he was.

As we drove down the road, I had to turn left and go through a barbed wire fence onto a trail. This trail was next to a swiftly flowing stream. The stream was only about twelve feet wide, but was at least four feet deep. There were some turbulent places in the stream, but I could not see any rocks or boulders. As I turned onto the trail, the back wheels spun around and the pickup slipped back end first into the stream. I felt a sense of urgency to unbuckle my son, but the overall feeling was peace and exhilaration, not panic. Once my son was unbuckled the three of us sat and waited for the best time to jump from the pickup, but we didn’t jump. The stream held the vehicle upright and carried it along. The pickup made it through the turbulent areas without a scratch. Then I awoke.

  • Focus: me
  • Sub Focus: pickup, stream, darkish environment
  • vehicle – calling
  • left – calling by God
  • stream – Holy Spirit
  • snow – righteousness or refreshing
  • dark colored weather – enemy is causing something
  • clouds – Holy Spirit
  • fence into dark fields – crossing into enemy territory
  • 4 – God causing something
  • 12 – God’s government
  • baby – young calling or ministry, something new
  • faceless man – angel, protection

My attempt at interpreting this dream, like the previous ones, came from studying the late John Paul Jackson’s work. He was a man of God who was given the ability to interpret dreams from an early age. You can read more about dream interpretation on his website, https://streamsministries.com .

The calling God’s preparing me for will take me into enemy territory quite early. The environment will look bleak. However, I will not be alone. God will send his angel with me, and I will be covered by his Holy Spirit and by his blanket of righteousness. In this mission I will need to sit still, and trust God’s Holy Spirit to carry me along. I will have a necessary part to play, but my Lord will be doing most of the work. There will be turbulent times. Still, I do not need to worry. My Father’s got me, and he will keep me upright.

That’s what I believe my Lord was trying to tell me. What do you think? Am I driving in the pickup now, or am I crossing through the pasture? Have I already slipped into the stream? Time will tell!

So do not fear, for I am with you; do not be dismayed, for I am your God. I will strengthen you and help you; I will uphold you with my righteous right hand.

Isaiah 41:10

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