Not Me

If I have come across in this blog as though I am promoting myself, please forgive me. If this blog sounds like I am a Bible scholar, please excuse my error. I have never been to Bible college. If you receive anything inspiring or encouraging from my posts, it's the Holy Spirit. If you have... Continue Reading →

Praise = Provision

Self pity and complaining are slippery slopes. Getting started may require a little push, but once you're sliding it's hard to stop. The longer I thought negative things, the harder it was to stay positive, and trust God patiently. When I finally spoke to a mentor about it, she shared with me an excerpt from... Continue Reading →

Miracle Brother

While driving in the pickup one day I got a phone call, but it wasn’t a good one. My brother cut his hand terribly with a table saw. He was going into surgery and might lose all his fingers. We were told if he does get to keep his fingers, he won’t be able to... Continue Reading →

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