When I write these posts, I try to use a picture that would depict what I'm writing about. I want to find really good pictures to convey, as best as possible, what I was feeling during my experience with the Lord. However, this experience was so real that when I looked for pictures of spiders... Continue Reading →

The God Who Sees

In my limited spiritual experience, I have found there is a big difference between sitting in church on Sunday morning agreeing with the sermon, and actually walking with the Lord. I like to dress up and attend church! I love seeing my friends. Our children always look so handsome, especially in their Christmas outfits, and... Continue Reading →

Praise = Provision

Self pity and complaining are slippery slopes. Getting started may require a little push, but once you're sliding it's hard to stop. The longer I thought negative things, the harder it was to stay positive, and trust God patiently. When I finally spoke to a mentor about it, she shared with me an excerpt from... Continue Reading →

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