Smelt, Not Smite

A while back God woke me up in the middle of the night. He told me to pray for my sister. I felt no fear or anxiety for her, just a very clear understanding to pray for her. There was even a slight urgency to his request. I remembered the sensation I felt from my... Continue Reading →

He Knows All

My husband at the time came home one day and proudly told me he licensed our new camper, but he didn’t tell the courthouse the actual purchase price so we wouldn’t have to pay the full amount for taxes. I was extremely disappointed and angry! Many people think Christians are hypocrites because we don’t practice... Continue Reading →


At one point in time, as I was learning to seek my Lord, I got so busy I could hardly think. I have since learned that if busyness is successful in keeping you from knowing God, then the devil will use it over and over again. My daughter was little at the time so she... Continue Reading →

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