The Boat Tour Dream

Do you know how disappointing it is to have a dream about being somewhere beautiful and warm and tropical and then wake up in the Midwest in late winter? If you know this feeling, I’m groaning with you! I love where I live, don’t get me wrong. My home is like a soft comfortable blanket. I want to retreat in it at the end of every day to wind down and relax. However, I don’t want a comforting blanket for a night out on the town or to go on an adventure. I just want it to come home to. Do you know that feeling or am I the only middle-aged woman talking about her favorite blanket? LOL! Well, a few years ago I was given another dream, and these are the feelings I experienced when I awoke because my dream was just…beautiful!

In this dream I took a boat tour of the Aeolian Islands off the coast of Italy. The sky was a peaceful pale blue and there wasn’t a cloud in it. The weather was warm. Mountains seemed to surround us even though we were on the ocean, and the boat was actually a riverboat (slow moving, impacts many people)! The ocean was a rich, deep, gem-like blue (revelation, communion). Between the mountains and the boat were extremely large barges; many with giant cranes on them. Crews were lifting limestone (pale – righteousness, purity) rock from the ocean floor. Despite this heavy equipment, the environment was clean, quiet, and peaceful.

I stood with my elbows on the railing basking in the sunlight and watching the beautiful scenery in awe. I love the ocean! I love being on a boat, and I love the power, size, and majesty of the mountains!

When the tour was over everybody on the boat began to exit on the ramp. I noticed one of my farming customers had been on the tour, but I did not see his face. He wore a comical magenta (wisdom, anointing, child-like, love of God) pajama top and plaid magenta pajama pants (pajamas – spiritually sleeping)! I laughed out loud!

First and foremost, I read the Bible and ask God what he’s trying to tell me when I get unique dreams like this one. Still, in previous dream posts I mentioned I was reading about dream interpretation by the late John Paul Jackson, founder of Streams Ministries. In addition to him, one of the resources I read is the website Unlocking Your Dreams. So, if you would like to see why I interpret some of my dreams the way I do, these two resources will help you. With this particular dream, I believe the Lord is showing me this:

I am on a slow but steady journey that will impact many people. I am supported and carried along by the Holy Spirit, and I’m surround by God’s presence and strength. There are those who are working to dig up and uncover righteousness among many people. I see wisdom, authority, and a child-like love of God on someone familiar to me, but they are sleeping spiritually right now. I’ve asked my heavenly Father who was in the funny pajamas, who was sleeping spiritually, but I don’t know yet.

What do you think? Really, I’d love to know what you think because this is all new to me. I am not anybody important. I am just a girl from the Midwest. I have a past, I’m not perfect, and I definitely don’t remember learning in Sunday school about the experiences I’ve had with our Lord. I mean, seriously, the people in the Bible had dreams and visions. That’s not for us now in modern times…is it? I have learned I’m special to God, and it looks like he wants to communicate with me. You’re special to him as well. He is crazy about you! What would he like to tell you, or do you want to know? I always thought being a good Christian woman would be boring. Boy was I wrong!

As the mountains surround Jerusalem, so the Lord surrounds his people both now and forevermore.

Psalm 125:2

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