The Teak Wood Path

My husband is a very intelligent man. He likes to think about things, figure them out, and understand what is before him. Oftentimes he asks me how I know a dream is from the Lord. There is a huge difference between a regular dream and one from the Lord. If you’ve ever had one, you know what I’m talking about. If you could only see it! A dream given by the Holy Spirit is so beautiful!! If you could only see it! Do you realize how hard it is to find a picture that even somewhat represents what I want to share with you. Once you’ve seen something given by our heavenly Father, nothing else satisfies. The best way I can describe a dream or vision given by God is that scene in the Wizard of Oz when Dorothy, in antique monochrome color, opens the door of her tornado tossed house and sees a world of brilliant color. The next few seconds of the movie are silent as the main character looks around in awe of the beauty around her. If you can imagine that scene, you might have a little bit of an idea what a dream from our God is like. Well, he gave me one in a garden and, if you know me, you know I love gardens!

In the dream I was myself, not watching me, and I was at the home of a familiar friend. My friend bought the house and was giving me a tour. Inside was dimly lit. We exited the house on the upstairs level through a sliding glass door. My friend had built a completely new walkway through the back of the property from teak wood! The walkway led down steps from the patio door, intertwined through a lush garden, and ended at a moderately large pond. The pond was fed from a waterfall coming from the upper level of her house, but I’m not sure what the source was. I love plants and gardening!! Surprisingly, though, I didn’t really notice the garden. However, I was absolutely enamored with this fresh, smooth walkway to the pond!

In fact, at some point in the dream I had left the home of my friend. I was traveling back to her home and had to pass through the very narrow living room of another friend. Somehow, I discovered this second friend had just lost her father. I hugged her for a minute, visited with her and then told her to come with me.

“You have to see this walkway,” I said. “It’ll make you feel better!”

She went with me to my first friend’s home. We walked through the house, and exited the sliding glass door to the sunny, beautiful garden with the fresh new wooden walkway!

  • Water – Holy Spirit
  • Walls – protection
  • Sliding glass door – clear, unobstructed vision
  • Garden – love, intimacy
  • Faceless, familiar people – familiar spirits, angels
  • Flowers – grace/blessings from God
  • Wooden walkway – Christ, a NEW path
  • Farms – a place of growing, productivity

In previous posts about dreams, I’ve mentioned listening to the late John Paul Jackson. Our Father gave him the gift of godly dream interpretation, and his sermons have helped me understand my own God given dreams. You can study his methods at Another very important thing I keep in mind is that in giving me a dream, the Lord wants to communicate something to me. So, I simply take it to him in prayer and ask him to tell me what it means. My interpretation is this: my Lord has created a new path for me. In walking this path, I will grow in love and intimacy with my heavenly Father. I am not alone. I will have the companionship of my brothers and sisters in Christ. I will tell others about this beautiful garden, and help them find Christ, the Way. I want to experience this garden and the Way with all my senses because I am enthralled by it!

What else has made you feel similar to what I am describing? Anything? Has anything amazed and excited you so much you could hardly explain it? Nothing in my life has exhilarated me like my Lord. That’s how I know it is him. By the way, this dream was given to me in 2018. My first book was published in 2020. I now have a second book out, and a third on the way! Yes, I love this new path!

I am the good shepherd. I know my sheep, and my sheep know me.

John 10:14

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