My life serves as a kind of comedy with a lesson! I have noticed my Lord loves to make me eat my words. Our Father has a great sense of humor as well, which I think sometimes ties back into making me eat my words! However, every time I have tried to debate God or argue my way out of a situation, I’ve lost. I can lovingly tell my husband he thinks he knows everything, but I cannot use that joust with God…he really does know everything, including what’s going to come out of my mouth next!

My daughter asked if we could share communion one night at home. I’ve always told her no because I thought a priest or pastor had to bless it and serve it. I never felt holy enough. I didn’t think I had the authority to bless and serve bread to anyone because I never went to seminary. So for a year, two little wafers (they were sealed and non perishable) and two individual cups of grape juice sat in the fridge, reminding me of how unworthy I am. However, Jesus said otherwise in God’s holy book. The Lord reminded me of Luke 22:19, where Jesus was blessing wine and bread. He handed them to his friends and said,

do this in remembrance of me.

Those were the disciples, though, I thought. They were special and called by God. I’m not them. Still, my Father reminded me of the word disciple. Simply, it means a person who is a pupil or an adherent of the doctrines of another. I am a disciple. I follow the teachings and example of Jesus.

The Bible also says I am special. I am called by God, according to Ephesians 1 and 1 Peter 2:9. Well, that’s just for the Jewish people. Yes, I thought that, too, until the Lord reminded me of the book of Galatians. In chapter 3, verse 28, God’s word says we are ALL one in Christ Jesus. He deflated every one of my objections. My daughter is precious to me, and she asked to do something Jesus told us to do in remembrance of him. Who am I to tell her no, and waste this magnificent spiritual blessing with her, when tomorrow I may not get the opportunity to share it with her?

Finally, I told my daughter yes. I stopped what I was doing, got a Bible, and we sat down at the dining room table. We held hands. I advised her to pray, but reminded her that she didn’t have to if she felt uncomfortable. I started by worshiping God, praising him, then asking him to forgive me. My daughter followed by asking for God’s forgiveness, for Jesus to come into her heart, and for him to guide her to become a godly woman!

I am sure I wrote this before, but I am constantly amazed at our Father’s ability to heal and restore our family!

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